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At the end of the evening, students indicated how satisfied they were with their dates. Which of the following is not a reason why we seem to be attracted to averaged faces. Women do not engage in casual sex without emotional commitment. Wegner and colleagues (1994) conducted a study in which mixed-gender foursomes played a card game walster dating study. The outcome of the conversation was more influenced by the women s actual level of attractiveness than by how attractive the men believed the women to be. Which of the following best reflects the benefits and cost of being attractive. Which of the following statements about the study findings is false. Though they had all been together on the transcontinental flight for three hours, the passengers didn t start to talk to one another until the plane ran into some serious turbulence. They found that participants own level of attractiveness did not predict their ratings of the photos. Their behavior is most consistent with the predictions of social penetration theory. Bruno s feelings are best explained by excitation transfer. When they first started dating, norma and nathan didn t share much about themselves with one another, but as their relationship developed, they began to talk more about personal issues and reveal more about themselves. Research on the relationship between similarity and liking suggests that #2 is more accurate; people tend to be more attracted to those who are similar to themselves. On his way to the locker room, he passes charmaigne, a very pretty woman.

(1977) found that female college students preferred their own mirror image to their actual appearance. Snyder and colleagues (1977) ran a study in which mixed-gender pairs had a phone conversation. According to social exchange theory, their relationship is likely to last longer and be more satisfying if they each feel that the rewards gained from the relationship are greater than the costs of maintaining the relationship. Zachary is unhappy in his relationship and is trying to decide whether to break up with his girlfriend. José, who is an adolescent according to your textbook, the single best predictor of whether two people will get together is physical proximity. Some couples were instructed to play footsie secretly under the table, some were instructed to do so out in the open, and others were not told to do anything at all. The strongest predictor of satisfaction was physical attractiveness. Popular wisdom is often contradictory, as with the following two sayings: 1) opposites attract and 2) birds of a feather flock together. Bruno feels his heart pounding and is convinced that he must be in love with charmaigne. According to the relevant research, who of the following is likely to be the loneliest. Findings indicated that participants reported being most attracted to their partner when they played footsie in secret. If his investment is high in their relationship, clyde is concerned with maintaining an equal ratio of rewards and costs, whereas bonnie is concerned with being responsive to clyde s needs. Lee (2008) and colleagues ran a study in which they examined people s ratings of photos on the website hotornot walster dating study. Such a pattern illustrates negative affect reciprocity.

Which of the following conclusions is not supported by data. Disappeared a woman who is fantastically wealthy bruce and pam have just started dating. Clyde views their relationship as a(n) ______ relationship, whereas bonnie views it as a(n) ______ relationship.university of south carolina dating.
. They found significant gender differences in what men and women reported as important mate characteristics before the event began—differences that _________ once they actually started interacting with the potential mates at the event. While attractiveness often brings a social advantage to attractive individuals, it can cause them to doubt the sincerity of others praise for their work. Which of the following factors might encourage him to stay. Male participants were given either an attractive or unattractive photo of their conversation partner. This behavior is best explained by the tendency for external threat to increase affiliation. Exchange; communal intimacy, passion, and commitment. Bruno just finished working out at the gym. This finding is consistent with mere exposure effects. Eastwick and finkel (2008) examined men s and women s preferences during a speed dating event. (1966) randomly matched students for a dance. .

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