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Like this: the cheerios couple there are plenty of interracial couples on the big and small screen, but race relations haven’t come as far as we like to think. Brooklyn babylon is a modern take on the story of king solomon and queen sheeba that explores the darker side of the racial conflict between black people and hassidic jews in brooklyn. Like this: john prentice and joey drayton there are lots of reasons to love sidney poitier and “guess who’s coming to dinner” is one of them. We highly recommend putting this on your must-watch list too. The ad features a little girl and her black father and white mother. It does a great job of spotlighting people who say they have liberal values — until they’re put to the test. But when her brother is beaten up by calogero’s friends, the relationship is shattered. We know a few people who watched this movie again when they were considering dating outside of the team.

It deals with prejudice, love, and loss in a real way while keeping everyone laughing. Black, white, brown or purple, we could all use a little of brad and jane’s chemistry in our own relationships. Monster’s ball (2001) director marc forster’s film about a racist jail guard who accidentally falls in love with a black woman – who turns out to be the spouse of the last prisoner he executed – packs an unexpected punch. With an impeccable cast of spencer tracy, katharine hepburn and sidney poitier, guess who’s coming to dinner was a landmark film in exploring interracial relationships. It’s trailer park love at it’s very best. Like this: interracial relationships in groundbreaking movies brought to you by 15 november 2016 • 10:30am karen krizanovich a united kingdom is the latest addition to an important canon of groundbreaking explorations of love that transcends social mores and boundaries. We highly recommend checking it out on netflix. This is a great family movie that teaches that real love is color blind.

And they definitely help make happy endings worth a watch. Here we explore five other cinematic must-sees that explore this hot topic. You can’t help but smile when watching joy and the crab man love, bicker and explanation of radiocarbon dating.
. Like this: simon and alisha misfits is a great british show about a group of teens who find out that they have super powers while serving community service top interracial dating films. Spike made this classic in 1991 when race relations were still kind of dicey. We all know a hood brother and a redneck who just belong together. Spike lee s film is packed with social topics that intertwine, showing that an interracial affair is only one challenge of modern life in new york it is studded with dialogue such as: “there s something you should know. .

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