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A senior afghan intelligence official said one of its informers in pakistan was recently killed and dumped in pieces in peshawar, a border town. The family of one of the men admitted that he had blown himself up but denied that he had attended the school. ” it is an argument that supporters of the jihad use frequently. He denied providing the militants any logistical support. People on motorbikes with green government license plates visit at night, he said, as do luxurious sport utility vehicles with blackened windows, a favorite of taliban commanders taliban dating agency. “we went to the madrasa in pashtunabad, but no one was ready to tell us his whereabouts. For instance, a senior taliban leader, mullah akhtar muhammad osmani, who operated on both sides of the border, was killed in an airstrike in afghanistan on dec. Former taliban members who have refused to fight in afghanistan have been arrested — or even mysteriously killed — after resisting pressure to re-enlist in the taliban, pakistani and afghan tribal elders said. But for some of the families mourning their sons, there is no doubt that the madrasas and the religious parties are the first point of contact taliban dating agency.

“there are some groups active in taking people to afghanistan and they are active in quetta. At the same time, a kind of dirty war is building between afghan and pakistani intelligence agencies. Haqqani said in a telephone interview from washington, where he is now a visiting scholar at the carnegie endowment for international peace. “he said, ‘i am fighting for god, and i am ready for this. Just how far up that support reaches remains in dispute. President musharraf has acknowledged that some retired pakistani intelligence officials may still be involved in supporting their former protégés in the taliban. His father said he feared the same people would try to take his other son and asked that no family names be used. “in our search we went to many places and everyone said different things,” said his father, hajji noora gul. But according to several analysts, pakistani intelligence officials believe it is more prudent to prepare for the day when western troops leave afghanistan.

At a madrasa, called simply jamiya islamiya, on winding hajji ghabi road, a board in the courtyard proudly declares “long live mullah omar,” in praise of the taliban leader, and “long live fazlur rehman,” the leader of j. He did not deny that some of the madrasa’s 280 students had gone to fight in afghanistan. He said that, for western and local consumption, his arrest had been billed as part of pakistan’s crackdown on the taliban in pakistan.meebo live sex chat free without sing up.
. ’ ” his eldest son, allah dad, 33, blamed the jihadi groups and the inter-services intelligence. He said he had seen an intelligence report of a recent meeting on the afghan border between a senior taliban commander and a retired colonel of the pakistani inter-services intelligence. Members of the provincial government and jamiat ulema-i-islam are frequent visitors to the school, the local opposition party member said, asking that his name not be used because he feared pakistan’s intelligence services. The afghan intelligence service has also recently arrested two afghan generals, one retired, who have been charged with spying for pakistan, as well as a pakistani suspected of being an intelligence agent. Afghan intelligence officials recently produced a captured insurgent who said mr. .

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