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0rc5 added some safeguards to prevent the « potalicious is already updating at the moment. You can use as many custom dates as you want in each template, and you can combine the use of custom and default dates simplepie not updating.  » message after there was a php error in the last update. Postalicious is careful to honor the blog’s user permissions. Just set the both the minimum and the maximum number of bookmarks per post to 1 simplepie not updating. All of the templates in postalicious that allow %date%, %datestart% or %dateend% now support custom formats. Some people where having problems with postalicious being unable to fetch the delicious feeds, unfortunately there’s not much i can do about it since it’s caused by a change in the delicious’s server configuration. The exact details of how your bookmarks are posted are very customizable and are designed to meet your specific needs. 8 and later simplepie is already included, for previous versions of wordpress you need to install the simplepie plugin, which you can get here: https://wordpress. Please read the section titled « custom date formats » for more information about this. Php) icon used for the download button created by utom (http://utombox. Full customization on the look of posts created by postalicious, including templates for the post slug, post title, and post body. Typically, this requires the user to be an author, minor formatting improvements on settings page. 2 where too many tags where being escaped. Added a preference to choose whether you want postalicious to post private bookmarks or not. To enable this functionality, i’ve changed delicious to be a url service. Now only users with user levels greater or equal to 6 will be able to access the postalicious options page.

Php file, updating it every time a new version of wordpress was released was not very user-friendly. Works with delicious, google reader, reddit, yahoo pipes, jumptags, pinboard, and diigo. Org/extend/plugins/simplepie-core/ which time zone does postalicious use. Rss feeds are now used instead of the delicious and ma. Gnolia and support for google reader feeds. Added support for %date% in the bookmark template. Postalicious now uses simplepie to handle rss feeds. 9 added support for publishing bookmarks from multiple sources. The code is now understandable, lots of comments were added to explain what the code does. 7rc1 completely revamped the limiting system. Does postalicious work with special (non-english) characters. The new system is much more flexible and simpler to use. Also, the dates used by all the templates in postalicious are localized in the language of your wordpress installation. Fixed a bug where postalicious ignored the settings for what to do when a blog author publishes a draft. Postalicious uses the psuedo-cron functionality introduced in wordpress 2. Additionally, when limiting posts to one bookmark per post the %title% tag becomes available to be used in the post title template. You only need to set up your preferences and then click on either the « activate hourly updates » or « update now » buttons.

Faq what’s all this about simplepie core. Org/) licensed under the bsd license (http://www. If used by themselves, %date%, %datestart% and %dateend% will use the default date format template to display the web cam porno bosnia chat live.
. Made the service-related code more easily customizable. 0rc3 fixed a bug where the tags for all posts were ignored. Fixed an bug where some html tags where swallowed from the templates. Complete control over how often your bookmarks are posted and how many bookmarks should appear on each post. Can i use html tags on the bookmark’s description. Added a donation button to the postalicious settings page…because the newer versions of wordpress are making it harder for postalicious users to reach my website where i can mind-trick them into donating (hopefully). Double-check that the user whose feed content is not getting published has the capability to publish posts. The « update now » button retrieves any new bookmarks found when you click it. Postalicious will then fetch the newest bookmarks from each user’s feed (as well as the default feed in postalicious settings page) and post all of the bookmarks together in a single post. To use a custom format, you only need to add the date format you wish to be used to display the date enclosed by ‘{‘ and ‘}’ before the second ‘%’ sign. Fixed random bugs which didnt really make any difference to the end user. .Live sex web cams no credit cards.Dating online members guestbook 2016.

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