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As a divorced parent i deal with the prospect of my ex bringing new men into the life of my son. So if you are attracted to her and you enjoy being around her i would say enjoy it. Now if it s not your preference than that s understandable. Maybe i m saying this because i love kids, but if you don t expect to help, than don t do it. So maybe she is telling you she is simply interested in you for you and nothing else at the moment. But if you really like her and don t mind that she has a kid, you shouldn t let the thoughts of others affect your decision. Page 1 of 2    (1, 2) so i recently hit it off with this girl.

Who knows, you might love the kid, and really really love the mother, and end up in a great situation. I m not talking long term future stuff - i m talking about next week when you have christmas dinner with her and the kids. So would you guys still date someone who you really liked if they had a child. Why not be open minded and try things out, see how you feel about it. What i would hope that the man who she ends up with understands that my sons father will not be going anywhere either. She seems to be able to communicate what she wants and needs fairly effectively. I m 21, she s 26, she s really pretty, has a good personality, job etc etc but she has a kid from a previous relationship.

The whole step daddy thing comes into effect if you are planning to live with her or marry her but for dating , don t need to worry about it he has a father. Just take your time with this, trust your instincts young grasshopper( you are too young to remember that show). Msg: 1 young guy dating a girl with a child - would you.williamsburg brooklyn speed dating.
. There are probably things you ll like and things you won t like. If it gets to the point that you are talking about commiting to each other i am sure other things will come into play. Posted: 12/20/2011 1:42:24 pm you re young and have plenty of time to recover from this. .

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