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(update: jeanae’s public arrest record lists her birthday as 7/30/87. If you can find earlier pictures of the two together or of pete’s hair, please message me. Please do not message me if you cannot have a level-headed conversation about this or if you aren’t going to listen to me. Please do research and don’t blindly believe everything you hear online. From what i can tell, there is no 100% solid proof that can show us the entirety of the situation.   if you have any more information, feel free to message me pete wentz and ryan ross dating. This confirms her graduation year as 2004. Both posts link primary (that means directly from pete and patrick themselves.   additionally, this interview places jeanae as “just shy of 20″ in march of 2007. It is fine if you believe it was morally wrong for him to date someone so much younger. (17 is the age of consent in illinois - if you believe pete was still in the wrong to be dating her, that is another matter) edit 2/8/16: let me make this perfectly clear. If jeanae was in the 8th grade for the 1999-2000 school year, she must have graduated in 2004.

From the people who believe she was 15 when she dated pete the only source i have seen being referenced is this livejournal, which is a roleplay blog and therefore unreliable. Therefore, she is most likely 17 or 18 in the earliest photo we have of her and pete together, since it was taken sometime after pete dyed his hair in late 2004. Series what’s going on with pete wentz: a masterpost this is a compilation of all the evidence i have found to prove that pete wentz began his relationship with jeanae white when she was of age. If i have written anything incorrect, it was by accident. However, from what i have gathered, jeanae was at least 17 (possibly 18) when their relationship began. The op also shows that pete dyed his hair like that sometime around december of 2004. But the most recently , was nearly five years ago, and the place had been boarded up since then, with a huge padlock on the shuttered door. Since the earliest photo we have of them together is from sometime after december 2004, jeanae was at least seventeen when she started dating pete. Brendon urie/mikey way summary mikey turned his head and grinned at gerard as they came to a stop in front of the old brick building. I do not want to argue with you about human morality. This newspaper, linked in the aforementioned post, lists jeanae as being on the 8th grade honor roll for the 1999-2000 school year. If you have an actual source for this, i would be interested in seeing it.

  going off of this post, the earliest photos of jeanae and pete together show pete’s hair at the time was red on the sides. It had been a warehouse, a chinese restaurant, a salsa club and most recently a barber shop. I recommend looking at said sources before you act like you know all about the album and novel.blind chat free sex chatroom no account needed.
. Sorry for the sarcasm, but i’m very frustrated with hearing the same incorrect information and nonsensical arguments over and over and over again pete wentz and ryan ross dating.   edit 2/8/16: because people keep talking about this without doing any research, take this to your grave is not about jeanae and gray is not about jeanae (look at point #2). Assuming she was 13/14 in eighth grade, she would have been 17/18 in 2004 (as most high school graduates are). If you believe pete was wrong to be dating a 17 year old, do not bring it up with me. This matches up with what we knew already) this post also references her facebook. We have two different sets of morals and i am not going to push mine on you as i hope you will do the same for me. .Dating sites for really good looking people.Christian dating websites australia.

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pete wentz and ryan ross dating

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