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While a gal of 5000 mailboxes is pretty big, it is totally manageable on today’s iphone or android smartphones that have lots of flash, ram and fast processors. After all, if there is an outdated mobile phone number - highly efficient synchronization will send that wrong number to potentially hundreds or thousands of users. These can be very annoying to have in your iphone or android contacts. After we have made our decisions about how to define the contacts from the gal, next we want to determine the target users. Service account mailboxes are created for special purpose applications. However, what if end users don t want hundreds or thousands of company contacts mixed with their personal contacts. For example, all los angeles employees might get the contact info for their respective office. It isn’t a good idea to wipe out those contacts. Some companies add ou’s (organizational units) in active directory contacts for vendors, partners and subsidiaries.

Some people want them - and some people don’t. I have seen customers with a gal of 500 entries, but only 150 were relevant mailboxes (according to key decision makers) as contacts on their iphones. This will dictate how your server application will sync contacts from the global address list: if your organization has on-premise active directory and exchange server, ldap is the preferred method to load details of mailboxes, ad contacts and distribution groups. If your active directory hierarchy has partitioned users into organizational units, that may present some opportunities for partitioning the gal. The bottom line is that you are trying to make your smartphone users as productive as possible. Doing this one at a time to define your smartphone population has two problems. What you really need is an automated group that is updated when a user gets a smartphone. Second, do you really want to have one more thing to do each time a users joins or leaves the organization. Maybe contacts are disseminated by department, location or organizational unit.

If you wish to sync employee photo’s to smartphone or iphone contacts, it is best to use the ad thumbnail attribute. If someone has tried to use the business address in the gal for home address, beware. Will hr object to pushing home information to smartphones outlook gal not updating.world arabicsex chat room without.
. Is there information you don t want to publish in the gal but wanted on smartphones. Do you need these mailboxes to be visible on smartphones. If you review the questions below, it will give you a well-informed starting point for your gal to iphone sync project. One solution is to specify a subfolder such as staff or gal and keep the gal separate from the default contacts folder. In that case, gal information is merged into their contacts. .

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