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If it freaks you out, offer another alternative, the possibilities are endless and it sounds as if you have a women that enjoys exploration of her fantasies – ask her if she has others, and settle on one that your both comfortable with. In the past women have made up 95% of the ppl that are indulging in this type of behaviour, the reasoning was a male dominated society.   posted: 4/4/2008 6:41:09 am she doesn t have an odd fetish. Posted: 4/4/2008 8:41:52 am op i too enjoy what some would consider strange or kinky behavior in the bedroom, although not this particular fetish. I find i meet men that are unsure at first but once they realize i would never do anything to hurt them and it is harmless they are more apt to indulge me. Whatever it takes to tell your kinky friend out there that they are more than welcome here. Who are you to judge if it is a sign of a deeper issue or even that they are pretending to be a member of the opposite sex lingerie dating. Email, facebook, twitter, sms, post it on forums or even pass them a note under the desk. All the galleries are from my favorite stocking loving models, and are bigger, and of better quality than any other free stocking site. Let her feel comfortable with it because it isn t hurting anyone lingerie dating. It isn t hurting anyone, and obviously you go along. If you would like to know more about me then you can take a look at my own personal stocking site here. Anything else mentioned on these and other forums seems relatively tame and harmless. Not in a new window with pop ups, but to the actual gallery, which i my self have made.

If i show you a gallery or review, that is where you go. And many of them are on this site as well. There doesn t seem to be any real numbers relating to the number of ppl that are involved in cross-dressing. This site is more than just stockings though. I have a great body (so i think), but i am not into being a victoria’s secret runway angel. Posted: 4/4/2008 8:14:31 am if it doesn’t freak you out and you want to please her desires, try it. These numbers do not include gay/lesbian or any other fetish sites. Even if you don t get off on it, give her one night a month that is for her fetish. What one couple just love, another will think it is a turn-off, stupid, or whatever. Besides the reasons that she may like it, how many men have jerked off with a silky pair of panties or some silk nylons. It seems others are too quick to judge what is normal and what isn t. Read more about it or join it here you can also follow me on twitter, where i will let you know every time i add a new lady to my stockings galleries. Com/sabrinasnylons can i ask you for a favor. They are normal every day people with a kink.

You are one to judge and clearly stated your judgment in your post. Another sick fact i learned during this search was child porn is more popular then all the other fetishes combined. Posted: 4/4/2008 4:08:25 pm so they make a boycut and the material is nicer, jeez no wonder everyone is doing it.iwab0380e errors were encountered while validating xml schemas.
. I don t believe it can be said any simpler than this: whatever two adults are content with doing to each other, for each other, to derive pleasure should not matter to anyone except those two partners. Posted: 4/4/2008 8:21:02 am echox, go check out some of the bdsm or cding sites. If you are willing to do this and it does more to enhance your sex life then go for it. But i also make sure to return the favor and give them their time to explore their likes too. Some couples are into some really weird stuff, i couldn t imagine any human liking. There are many people who enjoy this fetish. I now have a great new stockings newsletter where i send out pictures, movies and stories of me and my friends. Just make sure to get your desires met as well. .Community prayer of ang dating daan.Best online dating profile writer.

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