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Perhaps in order to keep her friends from worrying about her impending death and bringing everybody down, she lies and says that a line from a game made her feel better about her body. Lucky star is haruhi suzumiya s favorite anime we already know that the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya is konata s favorite anime- i. It s not the same character as ne , but it could be considered the same consonant set. If someone else were to wear her glasses, they would start seeing ho yay in everything too. Not to mention his favorite genre is mecha konata lzumi dating sim. On the other hand, saying whatever she said was the only way she could put things back to normal. Unfortunately, for both of the father figures, their wives died. Finally, there is a short part where konata is asking who her friends gave chocolate to.

Konata compares her to a cow because she has somewhat larger than average body size konata lzumi dating sim. Dunno about konata, but for me, that would be major character derailment of kagami. Sojiro izumi is an au version of gendo ikari. Guests might be somewhat freaked out by hisappearance. In order for everything to truly balance out, haruhi would have to be a huge fan of lucky star- if a, then b. Until it admits it s an abridged series, it has no hope of hitting any american station s anime block. Perhaps, but maybe soujiro knows about it and not konata. So we should hear someday that tsukasa has strangled kagami to death to keep the repentance from happening.

In fact, her brownish-gold hair can come from mixing pale green and chestnut brown hair. Minami suffers from estrogen deficiencies. And there s also a possibility that akira could be a demon, or even an avatar of satan himself.body scanners opt out intimidating.
. Itsuki and the other people are either nonexistent or other people. Konata is an angel, tsukasa is rei ayanami, and kagami is asuka langley. This would also explain why her father is never shown. Miyuki could be koizumi as well, if we re going personality wise. .

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