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Ultimately, kelly s progression since her introduction is particularly notable, as she grows from a stereotypical type and a supporting player, to a well-developed figure and the lead character of the collective franchise. During her teenage years, she was presented as a familiar presence around the walsh family house while bonding with brenda and the others. She was further stressed by the discovery that her mother planned on selling the home she d grown up in. Throughout the ongoing beverly hills, 90210 continuity, kelly taylor has more of the visibility than any other figure. After failing to locate the boy s mother, kelly took him in and bonded with him, but ultimately had to turn the matter over to the police, despite joey s objections. Valerie began deflecting brandon s messages of apology and pushed kelly towards the new doctor at the clinic, jeff stockmann. However, just as matt and kelly really started getting close, dylan mckay returned from london and his other travels, looking to get kelly back. Kelly with her mother after jackie kicked her drug habit, she became romantically involved with mel silver, the father of kelly s schoolmate david. After learning about valerie s home life, kelly made an effort to reach out to her and the two of them made amends before valerie moved back to buffalo. She left brandon and moved with donna and carly reynolds at the beach house. Later, kelly and brandon rescued erica once again and got her off the streets kelly and dylan dating. Matt s brother, patrick, and his wife, juliane came to visit and wanted matt to donate sperm so that they can have children since patrick is infertile. Kelly was not happy with his decision and opposed it, but brandon stood his ground kelly and dylan dating. Kelly took sammy and departed town to visit dylan, who asked them to come and be with him in wyoming, letting erin remain at her house. She further claimed that she would no longer let herself approach an unavailable man (a reference to her past). She backed out of their planned hawaii vacation because she thought they needed a break from each other. Her father, bill taylor, was briefly sent to jail for fraud and embezzlement, but made arrangements to spend time with kelly before he was taken away. A new rivalry formed between kelly and donna s cousin, gina kincaid, over dylan. Kelly was later informed by ryan that a disturbed and shaken silver had broken into his apartment, and then disappeared when he d left the room after calming her down. The anxiety eventually led her to be briefly hospitalized after passing out, with strict orders to eat normally upon her recovery kelly passing outkelly s appearance is shown to play a noted role in her development.

However, when they were leaving the airport to go home, kelly was shot by two gang bangers after they stole a car. Colin and kelly during season 6, kelly became involved with colin robbins, a struggling artist from new york. Another pivotal introduction in kelly s life came during her high school years, when she met a family that had recently moved from minnesota to beverly hills. Despite his discomfort with a romance, jake expressed an affection for kelly s friendly demeanor, citing his fondness for her nature both during and after their relationship. Just before the other girl could speak, kelly stood before the rally and revealed her shame over her promiscuous past, mentioning that she d nearly been date-raped on one occasion. They hired pia swanson, a publicist who tried to boost their business, with mixed results. Jackie later died between her two daughters. She and brandon tried to liven up their sex lives by having sex in various places, such as the kitchen table, elevators, etc. Kelly with donna following a physical examination, brenda learned that she couldn t have children, and revealed this during a private discussion with kelly later. Kelly and brandon spent some time together and brandon then departed beverly hills. He then asked her to join him on a trip around the world. Eventually, erica got riggs arrested on other charges. She then informed the audience that steve was among the people who came to her defense that night. However, once brandon wrote an article on erica s experience, assistant da debra mills approached brandon and tried to force him to reveal his source. Kelly said goodbye to brandon before he left. However, the character s layers would become increasingly revealed throughout the progression of the continuity s first series. In time, however, he began to vacillate once again between attraction and reluctance. Reluctantly, he then led kelly to believe he was cheating, which finally prompted her to leave him. During this time, an attraction developed between dylan and kelly at the beverly hills beach club. Early on in the show, kelly is reunited with her old friend brenda, whom she helps get a job directing a play at west beverly.

Kelly and brandon kiss as kelly neared and entered her 20s, she started living in a beach house apartment along with donna and initially david. When she needed clozapine to help with her schizophrenia, dylan and kelly flew to mexico to smuggle some back to her. Brenda and dylan had been romantically linked, off and on, for the first two seasons when brenda left to spend a summer in paris, accompanied by her and kelly s friend york great expectations dating service.
. ” luke’s enjoying being in jennie’s world, too. Due to her commitment to dylan, however, kelly and brandon wound up acknowledging but suppressing their attraction once more. Kelly informed the audience that steve saved her from being raped kelly learned that a student name laura, she planned on falsely accusing her longtime friend steve of sexual assault, due to his disinterest in her after a one night stand. This development is standardized one additional year later, via her aforementioned second pursuit of brandon walsh, which ends in success. When gina was almost raped outside the peach pit after dark, kelly didn t believe her. However, kelly escaped and tara was committed to a psychiatric institution. Brandon and the others got her to the hospital, where dr. Kelly and donna let clare move in with them. Later in the year, after dylan and steve spotted jack mckay on television, she and matt helped dylan track jack down in arizona. Kelly reveals her first time was date-rape kelly revealed that her first sexual experience occurred when she was essentially date-raped by an attractive jock named ross webber. However, they called off the wedding just before the ceremony, feeling that they were not ready, and danced together afterward. Though she was initially distant, kelly eventually visited jackie in the hospital in order to make amends. Despite repeated attempts by brandon and dylan to get her to leave the cult, it wasn t until a former cult member showed her his wrist scars from attempted suicide and talked with her privately that she decided to leave the new evolution. In her 30s, kelly is seen working as a guidance counselor at her old school, west beverly high. Kelly became fast friends with brenda walsh and felt an attraction toward brenda s sibling brandon, which was secretly mutual. .What to write on headline for dating profile.

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