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Systemupdate(); i still don’t feel comfortable using itemadded for this, but it seems to be fast enough that i don’t have any problems itemupdating which. This whole architecture of hashtables of properties and trying to match up values seems to me to be pretty fragile, and i’m not sure why microsoft went this way. I had to use itemadding, because i needed the changes committed so that the values i set would be visible on the edit properties screen immediately after uploading a document. Once i got things working with the display name of the field, i then noticed that i had a problem with the data disappearing after i would edit the properties of the document. But this was only for microsoft office document types, things were fine for image files, text files, xml files. This would cause errors from sharepoint when a user would change data in the edit properties screen after upload, because it would complain that the file was recently updated. Everything looked as it should through itemupdating, but somewhere in between itemupdating and itemupdated, the data was lost, and my values were set to empty strings itemupdating which. In debugging, i checked the values at itemadding, itemadded, itemupdating, and itemupdated.

Internalname] = somevalue; when i did this, however, my experience was exactly the opposite. Using the synchronous handler guaranteed that the values would be set. It was only by using the display name of the field that i could actually get any of the data to stick. I had the need to set business data and other column values in the itemadding event handler. Afterproperties[“displayname”];properties. It also seemed to create my second problem, where data i did set disappeared. To solve this, i do the heavy lifting code in itemadding, and then simply do a resetting of the value in itemadded to ensure that it sticks. For microsoft office document file types, any data that i set in itemadding event via afterproperties was lost after the first time the item was edited.

To get around this, i had to set the values again in the itemadded event and update the listitem. It seems there is something strange with the parser for office file types. I would have simply switched to using itemadded exclusively, since that seemed to retain the data in all cases, but my code was executing a call to the business data catalog, and so was a little pornchat sites without credit cards.
. Generally a problem i would expect from an asynchronous handler. I ran into the following issues with itemadding/itemadded event handlers: setting afterproperties for some columns was not working using the internalname of the field. .Free mobile i want to man sexy chat with video.Role of parents in christian dating.

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itemupdating which

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