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Remember, people often get caught in the moment and speak freely without giving much thought to their words, so that they end up saying things that they don t really mean giving mixed signals dating. I think the op would feel good if his gal got some sort of help, so that she can figure out what is wrong with her, and why she does what she does giving mixed signals dating. Well enough is enough, i cant change her so i have to think it s her loss and i will just carry-on being me and someone will again care for me back :-) i just wish she was not so hot in bed (sorry but i am a guy and that is one powerful weapon you women have over us). I ask her to talk to me but she says she does not want to talk. Sooooo it goes person to person, and what works for one, will not on another. But remember, every single time that you pursue, she will run away. As soon as i back off she get s back in touch after a week or so and says can we start again. But then she suddenly goes cold again and rejects me. She did have a relationship with someone before me who in her words was safe because whilst he treated her well she never did fall for him like she said she did me and so she could never get hurt by him. She also keeps asking why i have fallen for her and that she is not so special.

Simply walk away, these are serious issues that she has, that she may never overcome. I think if i could she would still be here deep down i am very hurt because i liked her sooo much. Perhaps is low self-esteem, so they become self destructive, thinking they don t deserve to be happy or something like that. On the other hand, if she gets defensive, argues, dodges your questions, makes you feel guilty or talks in circles in such a way that you feel even more confused than when you started, you should to look for love some place else. Now what happens between us is that when i leave her alone she and all her friends say that she talks about me all the time and even makes herself down not being able to be with me. The op likes this gal, however she is putting him through the ringer, and has stated she knows she should like him but. But the patterns are all real, and i am not saying all women are like this, but this is the way these women are. Posted: 1/5/2009 3:49:58 pm thats such a good description of her lol. If it is because of abuse, then they need to learn to let go, and find a way to have a healthy relationship with a person. Oddly after my divorce i stopped being a chaser, if a person said they were backing away, then i would head the other way as well.

Anyway i recipricated her seeming very early committment to me and said how much i was into her too. I was a victim so to speak of extreme abuse the all the way around type, and some of it followed me into adulthood, from meeting abusers, and trying to fix what i couldn t as a child. I know bi polars, and some of them are the coolest, funniest, most passionate, exploring, zestful you can meet.marriage aikou elske pentecostal dating service.
. Only then will she realize what she had in you. Page 1 of 6    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) from a mans perspective i think that i have found someone with comittment issues or maybe it was me but here is my experience: met a girl, she fell for me big time txting all the time, calling etc. It is the emotions that keep chatting away at me to crave the happiness and idealism of what could have been if she could care for me back. Just make sure that your question is clear and answerable. She did have a relationship with someone before me who in her words was safe because whilst he treated her well she never did fall for him like she said she did me and so she could never get hurt by him. .Girls for sex chat or dating telugu.

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