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On a small stage in spitalfields, something truly bizarre is happening. Stuart musgrave, one of the dashing heirs to the musgrave empire in cork, has fallen in love. There s a certain irony in the woman who sang jesus died for somebody s sins, but not mine performing in the house of the lord, but patti smith has earned a degree of leeway. Cos specialise in brutal electronic pop of the peaches variety, and their defiant lipsynch act often falls into chaos when a dat misfires. Her songs, described by some as harrowing , are instead paeans to patheticness, whimpering that she s scared of feeling small and looking tall and pleading for someone to love me with your head and heart, love me like a child, love me when i m wild. I m talking about their truly bizarre and inspired mix of musical styles past, present and yet-to-be-invented. Gemma hayes is a less militant suzanne vega (i know, but try hard and you ll get there), who isn t above ripping off joni ( stop the wheel is a rewrite of mitchell s the circle game ), and whose countrified yodels and western vowels are aimed squarely at shifting us units. Hayes may charm her way to the prize, but ultimately, winsomeness is for losers. We had a song, ‘amhrán na main’ – a bit like amhrán na bhfiann meets the green fields of france which we’d rehearse in class before big dr gemma hayes dating. And these were all bleak, barren and backwards places ;- with our crudely-formed inner-city smarts, anywhere other than blackpool was. But happily gemma has enough sense and sensibility to perhaps one day combine marriage and a flourishing career. Last year, he met gemma, a ballyporeen beauty who was nominated for best irish female at the 2009 meteor ireland music awards, and things are going very well.

Ingredients she’s long favoured throughout her recording history, in which the most obvious variances have been in her increased use of beats, loops and dips ;- her most recent work is certainly infused with far more ambience and space. Hayes s shy little waif act is as coy and knowing, in its way, as the most seasoned pro. The show is a benefit for the union chapel restoration fund, and is punctuated by game attempts to auction items to raise money for fixing the roof. Unsurprisingly, the records that followed it – the excellent ‘let it break’ [2011] and 2014’s ‘bones and longing’, both of which, like ‘the hollow of morning’, were independently issued – didn’t trouble the chart compilers either. So well, in fact, that the big rumour du jour is that the scion of musgrave s cash & carry clan and the guard s daughter from tipperary got engaged recently in london.  harty cup games and, on those occasions when we’d reach a provincial or national final, the school would produce it’s own hurling fanzine, a badly photocopied, pravda-inspired issue called ‘monsoon’. And another part of me is older but no less clueless, wondering which of the narrow by-roads around these parts could have inspired such wonder and magic in the songs of gemma hayes gemma hayes dating. There have been five albums since, all of them flushed with the soft, acoustic touch of the old school folkies, the frenetic, shoe-gaze blitz of slowdive, the up-beat pop swagger of the bangles and the giddy eclectics of kate bush. Or perhaps they were just people dressed up as nuns, which – to paraphrase steven wright s great line about cops – is all nuns are anyway. He had a wheezy smoker’s rasp and a fine beardy shadow and some of those in the school clearly thought his sharp tongue and quick wit could be channelled a bit more positively and, for a change, to the school’s benefit. Even their faces – mouths painted far beyond the boundaries of the lips, eyes streaked with crude slashes of neon – are parodies of femininity. She s not so bashful, of course, that she doesn t mention that her debut album is up for the mercury.

Walsh is a diverting, often creepy and always boisterous figure with a traditional view of the entertainment industry – ‘the business we call ‘show’’ – who’s long understood the enduring benefits of good teeth and the utter pointlessness of the creative process. So much so that, when i see imelda may vamping it one more time for the cameras, the latest in line of national sweethearts, i wonder if ireland just likes it’s contemporary story-tellers far better if they’re more malleable and just available. Foremost among which is 2008’s ‘the hollow of morning’, a terrific break-up album seeking both ‘order in the chaos’ [and indeed ‘chaos in the order’ too] in the aftermath of a split, whether that be from a person, place or consolidating tactical operational systems.
. Trading for the occasion as printer clips, a solo project of paul’s, they fetched up in studio four without fanfare or fuss and, working the song through during afternoon rehearsals, had a core of us absolutely distracted as they did do. Gemma had arrived bearing gifts ;- as well as her acoustic guitar, she also brought along her husband, who was also minding their first child, a little boy. Those young men were never beaten and consistently left it all out there on the killing fields in the school’s cause and, back in the mon, we made sure to commemorate their heroics. I consider pointing out that if she really wanted to help, patti could always make a start by climbing up and putting the slate back, but think better of it. I miss the latter, because, as chance would have it, the woman who inspired the whole damn thing is playing a stone s throw away. But the chicks trump the critics by chanting the mantra we don t play guitars over a slinky house track superior to anything the 1992 generation ever scratched out on a six-string.  as if, almost, the more perceptive and confident she’s grown, the easier it’s become for her to pare her songs right back ;- on ‘bones and longing’ as if she’s often just corrupting the beauty. .Free online sex chats gold coast no sign up.

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