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241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:40] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync gadget rss feed not updating. I have to do updates on the feed several times a day when i go live. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:30] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:00] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync gadget rss feed not updating. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:13] get /bsign2010/hotel//pool/sha1-ff5b993622be8cae4edb12fe57c49ddfde52ea82 http/1. 78 (roku brightsign) to use google groups discussions, please enable javascript in your browser settings, and then refresh this page. Rss feeds not updating in outlook 2010 with send / receive all hi, i was wondering if anyone has found a way to get the rss feeds to update without restarting outlook.   i did not have this problem with outlook 2007 and exchange 2003 backend. I have the rss feed set to update every minute in the ba preferences why is the bs unit not reading the rss feed again. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:08] get /bsign2010/hotel//pool/sha1-da5aa31677424e787e8e3020fcb05d5138312a65 http/1. 5 - - [10/jan/2011:12:15] get /bsign2010/rssfeed/ird. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:05] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. I do need to understand why the feed is not being re-read at some set time frame by the bs 210w i am testing with.

  the only way that i have found to get updates to happen is to either delete and add the feed again or open/close outlook.   i have also gone in the accounts section and unchecked and checked the use publishers update interval. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:15] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:45] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:35] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:50] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:13] get /bsign2010/hotel//pool/sha1-3e57348e390ffd3107b8b8392a8b8d01e5e61596 http/1. Also i would like to know if there is a registry entry that you can use to control how many historical items are loaded when you add a feed. See my httpd log for my feed file from boot the rss is only read once. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:55] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:25] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:25] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:13] get /bsign2010/hotel//pool/sha1-123580d24f72d21dbb92628f94e64a43ac0e69c1 http/1.

  none of this has lead to updated items. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:05] get /bsign2010/hotel//pool/sha1-ae4cbd035872aad28928df98ae0aba2e5d3de66a http/1. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:02] get /bsign2010/hotel//pool/sha1-aebc762238038546ba989c0868c2947bd7d0b6f0 http/ phone sex adult louisville ky.
. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:20] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:30] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:35] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:13] get /bsign2010/hotel//pool/sha1-c5f37a6c4629bfeea532f742ef21f02366927e3a http/1. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:10] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:12:13] get /bsign2010/hotel//pool/sha1-7fa8288c929abf9a2fec0a0d4f9e5a46fa3dbb1b http/1. 241 - - [10/jan/2011:13:20] get /bsign2010/hotel//current-sync. .Florida colleges low on web site dating iq.Underground dating seminar brad p torrent.

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gadget rss feed not updating

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