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Afterwards, joseph can be found back in his castle dating sims games pacthesis. He was rebellious in his younger years which changed upon meeting lilla dating sims games pacthesis. He can be found in the blacksmith, which appears rundown and is covered in cobwebs. [he has] endured many hardships but remains calm and wishes to live in peace. A bit of a tomboy but still somewhat of a fair maiden at heart. Joseph accepts and the wedding is set to happen in 30 days, though he is absent for 15 days which makes it difficult to get to know him before the wedding day. Lilla urwin: queen of lunar kingdom, passively mentioned by alix the cat in a cutscene on day 15. His father and his grandfather were blacksmiths as well. How to unlock: on day 15, upon waking up, a cutscene will trigger where the player meets alix the cat. -unlockable- ferris is a vampire who was locked in a coffin after being wrongly accused of murder. He mentions going to hang out with the other characters from number days, referring to them as his friends from out of town. The game begins with a backstory for the player character, rose.

He was friends with elliot, the king from wonderland days. The boy helps her find her lost royal family from the lunar kingdom and he turns out to be her servant. The pacthesis games profile describes him as: the quiet and cold king of hepcatsis. He may not be the most compassionate person but he always does the right thing. Alix the cat: servant of the king of lunar kingdom. Items he likes: tea, wine, book, and glass angel. For some reason it cannot be accessed in the deviantart version of the game, so if you wish to cheat, you have to play the kongregrate version. Characters the player character of kingdom days sim date. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. He can be found in the windmill, some of his paintings laid against a wall behind him. She is an orphan waiting to be adopted and meets a boy named lewis. He has sacrificed a lot for the player and continues to do so in order to protect her.

The engraving on it reads: those who commit sins shall be punished. He s cursed and the player is the only one who can help. He never learned to read, but he s willing to let the player teach him.asian dating european man woman 20.
. She escapes with lewis to hepcatsis kingdom where they meet king joseph. There will be a conversation between lewis and alix. He says he agreed to marry the player because he respects lewis guts. Will put aside his needs and feelings for her sake. Before she became princess she lived in an orphanage. He shows up on day 15 to update the player and lewis on the status of the kingdom. .Dating tips for long distance relationships.Dating service for married people.

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