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16 3/8 wide, single pointed cutaway, unbound tortoise pickguard, metal peghead logo, 24 3/4 scale, rosewood bridge, trapeze tailpiece, gold plated parts, oval fingerboard inlays, natural or sunburst finish. It was very similar to the olympic with a mahogany or birch 16 sunburst body, segmented f-holes, rectangle fingerboard inlays, epiphone masterbilt decal peghead logo, and a black pickguard. But a bit too weird for most collectors, and with the single pickup being in the neck position, this scares away most players. The 1959/1960 models don t sound as loud and powerful, but have a more jazzy and mellow tone. It cost less than the olympic and had a mix of features which jim fisch says led to speculation it may have been produced by regal for epiphone. 1933 olympic specs: 13 5/8 wide, trapeze tailpiece, rounded end fingerboard with dot inlays, rounded non-peak peghead, sunburst finish. 1931 olympic specs: 13 wide, mahogany back and sides, 3 segmented f holes.

Basically a fancier gibson es-125tc or es-125tdc models, but with better pickups and better hardware. Caiola custom, caiola standard discontinued 1970. Note in 1937-1939 epiphone sold a model called the apollo in england. 1934 olympic specs: decal logo with epiphone on a banner and masterbilt underneath banner. All amp controls are on the guitar, and it requires the matching amp to be fully functional. 1966: caiola standard introduced with 2 p-90 pickups, single bound top, dot fingerboard inlays, no peghead ornament. It is usable with other amps via the 1/4 jack on the top of the guitar (to utilize the matching amp requires a special cable plugged into the guitar s multi-pin jack).

So essentially the guitar is fully functional without the matching amp, aside from the treble/reverb functions. All amp controls on the guitar s black/white/black pickguard with 7 switches and 5 knobs. There is one volume and one tone knob and 5 tone switches (giving a lot of tone variations for a one pickup guitar), which work through the 1/4 jack.updating tom tom map instructions.
. Collectibility rating: 2 pickup ny part model: b, 2 pickup gibson part model: c+, all 1 pickup models: d-. This model is a personal favorite of mine. 1959 windsor introduction specs: 1961 windsor specs:1931 olympic specs: 13 wide, mahogany back and sides, 3 segmented f holes. .

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