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Patients can use therapy to help them integrate into their everyday lives the confidence and social dexterity they experience online; to integrate in rather than split off various aspects of themselves dating greater relationship. Online relating has some features that may promote and heighten such an erotic connection in positive ways. They also report a more active sex life (brehm, 1992). There s a quality of putting oneself on the line in writing, of being more vulnerable and exposed to the other, a confessional quality: as high tech as it is, there s something very old-fashioned about it. Constructing the sexual crucible: an integration of sexual and marital therapy. Computer users report less self-consciousness, less awareness of being socially evaluated by others than ftf communicators (matheson and zanna, 1990). The net facilitates another important aspect of maintaining sexual interest in couples: that each partner feel autonomous within the relationship.

If the relationship progresses, the attraction then evolves into an attachment based on similarity of values and beliefs. Some people, many people, don t do well in spontaneous spoken interaction, but turn out to have valuable contributions to make in a conversation in which they might have time to think about what they say. While recognizing that the net can be used in sexually compulsive or deviant ways, we consider how sexual intensity may develop in positive ways within these relationships. Research shows that computer users display more uninhibited behavior than ftf conversants do (kiesler et al. A shy 14-year-old boy reflects, ftf a girl doesn t always feel comfortable either. Rheingold reflects, the way you meet people in cyberspace puts a different spin on affiliation: in traditional kinds of communities, we are accustomed to meeting people, then getting to know them; in virtual communities we get to know someone and then choose to meet them (rheingold, 1993, pp. I am able to talk with a girl all afternoon-and not even try anything [sexual] and it doesn t seem weird.

But on the internet, it feels a lot less painful (cooper, cited in williams, 1996, p. Doctors analyze effect of internet on relationships. , and emoticons or smileys (punctuation marks that make faces displaying emotions when turned sideways) to indicate nonverbal states: for example, :-) is a smile and :-x is a kiss (lee, 1995).d 3 1 outline the method for dating rocks.
. The net is a model for intimate yet separate relating, allowing for lively, spontaneous self-revelation while maintaining distance and personal space dating greater relationship. There is little question that online relating will increasingly become a major way in which people interact, an integral part of relationships. As one person put it, i feel very different online. .

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