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 the case is still in excellent condition with only a few minor dings and opens/closes as it did nearly a century ago.  all of the teeth are in tact and perfectly straight.  this razor been through a vigorous cleaning process to get it to the point that it is now. Gillette claims the razor gives a more comfortable shave than the mach 3 because the fusion s blades are spaced closer together to reduce pressure.  a lot of time and elbow grease went into getting this razor to shine like a mirror. This razor is absolutely stunning and operates perfectly. Wie eine zweite haut schmiegt sich exklusive latexkleidung um meinen k. The gillette lettering & logo on the inside lid of the interior is still in tact and perfectly visible and easily visible.  this razor would be excellent for anyone looking to get into wet shaving or the seasoned wet shaving enthusiast.  the blade bank has not been replated and still features its original gold plating in near mint condition. ​ replated rhodium 1940s vintage gillette tech heavy 3-pc double edge safety razor  stock #: nbr0173 price: $69. Is this really about the shave or is it about beating schick.  the bottom interior portion of the case also still has been refinished is a red poplin material similar to that used originally by gillette.    in most cases your item will be shipped the same day as payment is received.  the knurling is excellent, has a brilliant shine and great grab to it. The short comb base plate is extremely popular among wet shaving enthusiasts because of its ability to provide an amazing smooth shave. Edel anmutendes und unsagbar erotisches latex steht bei mir und mit mir im absoluten mittelpunkt.  this razor has the date code g-2 stamped on the inside of the razor head, meaning it was manufactured during the 2nd quarter of 1961 dating gillette tech razors. Another factor to consider when purchasing the razor is cost.

(noob mistake #1= always blame the equipment) but, not wanting to throw away a blade after 1 shave, i left it in there. 95 + shipping a lot of time and elbow grease went into getting this vintage safety razor to shine like a mirror dating gillette tech razors.   also included with this razor is the original gillette case and two nos(new old stock) double edge razor blades for display. But i ll bet there are more than 50 techs for under $20 right now on e-bay.  if you are looking for a great razor that you can pop a blade in directly out of the box and shave with then look no further.  however, the one smooth band on the lower portion of the handle and notched center bar leads me to believe this razor was manufactured between 1948- 51. Here s what i came to find out after three more shaves with that same blade.   this razor has no date code, but features slightly rectangular slots w/ rounded ends in the base plate, which leads me to believe that this razor was manufactured sometime between the late 1940s and early 1950s. This razor has not been used since being re-plated.  i do my very best to list any and all flaws that i see, if you have any questions or need additional photos do not hesitate to ask.   it has the patent number 17567 stamped on the base plate dating it to the 1930s. Madame gillette - domina und fetisch studio leipzig - studio black fun. I popped a new derby extra in my newly aquired tech and it gave me just a sort of ok shave.  the longer comb is slightly less aggressive then the shorter, but just as capable, if not more then the shorter version to give one of the closest and smoothest shaves a safety razor can provide. Vintage 1920s gillette somerset tuckaway open comb comb 3-pc safety razor travel set w/ original case, blade bank, & nos gillette de blades stock #: nbr0171 price: $169. This razor is a wonderful shaver and well regarded throughout the wet shaving community as one of the best 3-piece razors made by gillette.   this case opens and closes properly and is in excellent condition.  this razor is an excellent shaver and a favorite of many wet shaving enthusiasts.  the gillette logo & lettering on the interior lid is still visible and perfectly in tact.

This razor is a wonderful shaver and well regarded throughout the wet shaving community and prized for long comb base plate. This razor does require some slight maintenance to keep it bright and shiny, like a penny, it will tarnish. It taught me that without me having to single handedly support the alum sex text chat with older women no payments.
.   i will reply back asap(in most cases within an hour) with a price including shipping.  this razor has a great feel to it and is well regarded and one of the best 3-piece razors that gillette made.  the knurling is excellent and still has a brilliant shine and great grab to it.  stamped on the base plate is the serial number 17567, dating this razor to the 1930s. I have many other types of fully restored double edge razors not listed from gillette adjustables, old types, ball-end new s, merkur slants, hoffritz slant bar razors, grand shave kings, gillette toggle razors, etc. 95 + shipping the way this beauty shines, it could double as a mirror. I welcome any corrections from you old hands, but i am going to over-simplify things a little, so go easy on me. Any day on ebay you can see dozens of them for sale, and relatively few bids out, at least. This is one of my personal favorite three piece razors made by gillette, they really hit a home run with this beauty. This is a list of characters on archer, an american animated spy comedy television series created by adam reed for the fx network. 95 + shipping jimini christmas, take a gander at this gorgeous 1950s gillette aristocrat set.  the material on the lower portion, where the razor is seated while in the closed position is a gorgeous deep reddish ruby color with some minor discoloration.   if you have any technical questions about any of the brushes or razors please do not hesitate to ask and i will do my very best to answer your question.  the bottom portion of the case is still light and fluffy, but it is lightly pressed in where the razor is seated while in the closed position. .Millionaires matches dating sites.

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