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A june 2003 analysis in science by david keith and alex farrell put the cost of co 2 avoided by fuel cells running on zero-carbon hydrogen at more than $250 per ton even with a very optimistic fuel cell cost. First, we cannot wait for hydrogen cars to address global warming. Org) is executive director of the center for energy and climate solutions in arlington, virginia, and a principal with the capital e group in washington, d. Working at such high pressures creates overall system complexity and requires materials and components that are sophisticated and costly. For near-term deployment, hydrogen would almost certainly be produced from fossil fuels. Centralized production of hydrogen is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, the president has threatened to turn epa loose on the business world with burdensome regulations unless congress passes the kind of cap and trade bill he is demanding controversy about carbon.

Second, we should not pursue a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector that would undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the electric generation sector. The latest “climategate” email controversy in europe has cast a cloud over the copenhagen conference and supports the theories of those who are wary of the emissions-cutting policy being pushed at the conference. Cars last 13 to 15 years or more; coal plants can last 50 years. The global warming century perhaps the ultimate reason why hydrogen cars are a post-2030 technology is the growing threat of global warming. A reasonable cost estimate for the initial hydrogen infrastructure, derived from royal dutch/shell figures, is $5,000 per car controversy about carbon. The chicken-and-egg problem another key issue is the chicken-and-egg problem. But we shouldn’t be rushing to deploy hydrogen cars in the next two decades anyway, because not only are several r&d breakthroughs required but we also need a revolution in clean energy that dramatically accelerates the penetration rates of new co 2-neutral electricity.

Fuel cells are small, modular electrochemical devices, similar to batteries, but which can be continuously fueled. The high-risk and long-payback nature of this investment would seem far too great for most investors, especially given the history of alternative fuel vehicles. ” realistically, a major effort to introduce hydrogen cars before 2030 would actually undermine efforts to reduce emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases such as co 2.address for updating navy records.
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controversy about carbon

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