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-     save the drama for your mama: okay so i really don’t know what this means but i just wanted to say it.  so college students, below are some points to consider for your dating life to ensure you are able to make the most of this time to grow, flourish, and succeed college life dating. Reality: your roommate regularly walk in on you having sex. But what seems to plague most students are the troubled relationships.     expectation: you’ll meet your soul mate, the person you’re going to marry. We would be with mature guys who took us on real dates, bought us real presents, and treated us perfectly. These are a pleasure to watch and even more so to be a part of. What i do think students aren’t picky enough about is finding someone who shares their values and who has the kind of character they are looking for. From nasty break ups to betrayals to heartbreak to long gossip trails, the anxiety and drama can so quickly envelop the day to day college life dating.   expectation: you and your dates will have way more privacy because you don’t live with your parents. However, i do think it is important to consider who you invest in very carefully – at any period in your life – but especially in college as it is such a unique time in life when you are able to focus almost solely on your own self improvement, development, and growth. Sure there are a few of those healthy mature relationships overflowing with genuine support and love  - the kind where you make each other better every day, grow and challenge each other, and enjoy each other’s company more than anyone else’s. The truth is, you deserve someone who wants to be with you. Typically one person is more into it than the other and one is chasing.   posted by what dating in college is really like: expectations vs. Reality: you won’t meet anyone in class because you’ll be doing work. But the truth is, when you’re in the throes of a relationship, especially with someone you care (or cared) about, it’s difficult to see reason. -     don’t chase: i find so many people trying to force relationships that just aren’t happy or beneficial.

Obviously, we were basing all of the ideas off of all the oh-so-realistic movies and tv shows about college out there. We wouldn’t be going on dates to get cheap slices of pizza, we wouldn’t be trying to sneak in sexy times without parents knowing, and we definitely wouldn’t be dating a dude who thought it was funny to fart while cuddling. I’m not saying you have to be single to get the most out of your college experience. Be picky about who you let into your life.     expectation: sex will be better because you’ve both had more experience. A few highlights came from that talk, and it made me think about how often relationships conflict with college.   reality: most of them seem to have regressed in age, maybe. Essentially, catch yourself when you find yourself engaging in the drama of your relationship or a friend’s.     reality: lol you guys live in dorm rooms.     do you agree or disagree with these. But what i really mean is to engage and learn about who you are during this time. But a lot of people stumble along, meeting tons of mr. Reality thursday, august 14, 2014 by jessica booth i remember thinking about college when i was a senior in high school. Reality: you’ve both probably been drinking before you start hooking up, making things… weird. You guys go to a frat party and then pass out in a cramped bed in a tiny dorm room. It’s easy to say just stay away, ignore the bad ones, find the good ones, man up, step up, get over it, he’s just not that into you, etc.     expectation: you’ll go on sophisticated dates where you go to a fancy restaurant wearing something fabulous (like in the magazines).     expectation: you think the guys will all be so much more mature than they were in high school.

 being confident in yourself first is the most attractive quality there is. -     invest in yourself: in all the best relationships stories i’ve ever heard it seems they met while doing something they both loved or engaging in some sort of mutual activity. Reality: dudes show up to class in sweats and graphic live with horny women no pay.
. My friends and i were all convinced that the college dating scene would be so much different. -     love yourself:  i know this sounds super hippy and cheesy. All you have to do is continue to focus on making your life a positive addition to this world. Reality: you’ll wake up next to a random person, try to sneak out, and get caught by 10 people in the dorm room. Sure, some people meet the love of their life in college. Here’s what dating in college is really like: expectations vs. I recently had a conversation with some friends who were asking my advice on a plethora of relationship issues.  chasing may work in the short term but it seems to never work for the long term. Always remember a relationship should be a positive addition to your life. And then grades, studying, friendships, and even health become lost in the swamp of relationship confusion. Reality: no guy wants to get serious because they’re in college… they want to be single.   reality: guys will keep you confused and waiting for hours… for a one-word response.   expectation: guys will be better at communicating because they’re older and will have a better idea of what they want. The truth is, dating in college isn’t nearly as great as you think it will be. .

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