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I use my phone everytime and make calls everytime and never faced any issue during a regular call. I uninstalled and installed back but yet it doesn t seem to be working. C’mon people, give the guys some free lines, too. Says i am not logged in when i am, when i send friend requests they do not go through, and sometimes have to wait 15 20 mins, to connect to someone. You do get the odd person who can get quite nasty but most are ok. I met quite a few people in ‘real-life’ off these lines, and it was cool. However the app has too many issues and bugs which severely hinder the experience. • anonymous friend system to allow for future conversations with people on your friends list. It keeps saying there s something with my internet connection, but there s not. Partyline voice chat description partyline randomly and anonymously connects you with people in a live one on one voice chat. I have not been able to log in since and even uninstalled and reinstalled the all. ) you basically have your own page on their website, and men can choose who to phone. • rating system to discourage rude behavior from strangers adult party chatlines. April 18, 2017 great idea lousy how it is full of so many errors. Brendan stanley i used to love this app but as many have stated it no longer works on droid since the latest update. I would hope for an updaye but it appears the app has been abandoned by its creators. Brendan stanley june 14, 2017 i used to love this app but as many have stated it no longer works on droid since the latest update.

It s okay to use when you re bored, but i think the app will need some serious fixing if you want to use it for something more. I to thought about chatline work as my work as a childminder isnt booming but it pays the bills. We re happily married now with three kids. It said login failed, check internet connection and try again. X 41 932 when you say adult, exactly how adult do you have to chat. James w march 25, 2016 connection drops all the time. It cuts off all the time, my friend has a different phone, lives 4 hours from me, he said does the same thing to him. I used to work for them and have reapplied but was rudely told they wouldnt employ people who used to work there loved the work but had to quit when i was pregnant. Has problems when headphones are plugged in often adult party chatlines. Amr m august 6, 2016 fake app always says connecting then suddenly drops,i think there is no connection from the beginning it s a fake app. It keep saying check your internet connection while my connection is working just fine. 975bfa261c david bakken beginner i have only used this a few times. Solairesheir august 7, 2017 long time user. This problem has been existing for more than 8 months netmums chat the working for yourself boards please remember we do not allow any kind of advertising, promoting or recruitment messages on our forum boards. When you answer a call it tells you who it is from, you you dont start talking dirty to a relative haha. Rosey scar december 21, 2015 hasn t worked since last night i was logged in and going to load my friend list. I literally hear some of the same women i heard twenty years ago.

English only: presently partyline is only available for english-only conversations. Also, this app drains battery significantly while in use. Like most socializing apps you have to go through a lot of weird people to get to the normal dating in red deer alberta.
. Beside this issue im interested in giving 5star to this app. 7:43 mon, august 2017 loriana firth october 19, 2016 the idea behind the app is good, it s more personal hearing someone s voice rather than reading a message from someone. Start having real live conversations with people from all over the world. Sherif labhan april 15, 2016 was working perfect but. I mean, i get that it’s a business like everything else in society, but the guys should be able to call a few of these lines for free, too. Com (not sure if i m allowed to put that on here so if the name gets removed message me and i ll let you know. So developer plz take this issue seriously. Which, is pretty sad, because they really used to be lots of fun. Features: • doesn’t use any of your voice minutes – since the app is voip-based, none of the voice minutes for your phone contract are used. Lol hon do u mind me askin who it was u worked for. If a friend msg you, i don t know where to check, is it lost just like that or what. Apparently, the ‘block’ feature never works, because the same freaks continue calling, and saturating the lines with their disgusting messages. I almost always connect with someone younger than expected / desired. .

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