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’ ‘the chapel could only accommodate a fraction of the people and each mass was dedicated to all the victims. ’ ‘at present there are eight public off-street car parks accommodating 935 cars, with seven private car parks with over 600 spaces. ’ ‘every effort should be made to accommodate the wishes of women and their partners. ’ ‘common sense and the sense of self-protectiveness tell us to accommodate to what we cannot change. ’ ‘this room is at the heart of the property; a recessed area accommodates an oil-fired rayburn range while there is a cut slate floor and work surface. ’ ‘statistics show the four-story mall accommodates a total of 11 shops and some 120 shopkeepers. Pronunciation word of the day accommodating - definition of accommodating by the free dictionary search / page tools 中文简体 Русский türkçe 中文简体 Русский türkçe ac·com·mo·dat·ing  (-km-dtng) adj. ’ ‘difference of opinion is good but we must learn to accommodate each other s point of view at the same time. ‘the cottages accommodate up to six people’ more example sentences ‘ko olina marina is a modern 270-slip facility accommodating boats up to 150 feet with all the comforts of home - no decaying docks here.

’ ‘i have always thought that the best way to begin to accommodate to new circumstances is to learn to laugh in them. ’ ‘the most important choice you ll ever make is how you accommodate to this at this point and i ll promise you the worst possible thing we can ever do, is have suffering with no meaning and no purpose. ’ ‘this idea can be easily accommodated to any size of file folders. ’ ‘thirdly, experiencing the changes that are going on at a physical level as the body accommodates to new life and prepares for birth can lead to a new type of relationship with your body. ’ ‘work must also be restructured in such a way that it accommodates caregiving, through a shorter workweek and more flexible scheduling, for example. ’ ‘human history is a history of progress - of forging ahead and improving our lot by changing our circumstances, not accommodating to them. ’ ‘certain other measures have been adopted to accommodate the claimant s wishes. Room(s) in a house or hotel in which to live, especially for a short time. ‘any language must accommodate new concepts’ more example sentences ‘not for mandarin, but for the other local languages it is designed to accommodate.

They did their best to accommodate him by carrying out his wishes. ’ ‘as in the far more lucrative arena of the visual arts, dance lost its oppositional fervor as it accommodated to both political and economic realities. ’ ‘how can society hope to accommodate to men and women alike pursuing their public ambitions while maintaining a stable domestic life.christian speed dating nottingham.
. ’ ‘the system cannot revolve around any one case, but must try to accommodate the needs of all cases. ’ ‘urban society will have to accommodate to those prices, and with the majority of people living in a sprawling urban environment, we re going to have a hard time accomidating to. ’ ‘this has allowed the creation of a large reception space accommodating the living room, dining area and kitchen. ’ ‘an old cooperage behind the scottish fisheries museum accommodates peter jukes lauded seafood restaurant. .Us girls womens free sex chat rooms and sites.

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